Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I am good at, and things I am not:

Good thing #1
I am really good at using paper towels. Not in a thrifty way, nor am I any better at wiping up spills than the next guy. Rather, I am really good at finding excuses to use a paper towel. I love them. Paper towels are so incredibly convenient, so sanitary. Tear it off, wipe it up, throw it away. I'll use one to cover my bowl in the microwave, grab another for a napkin, and rip off one more just in case something happens on the way to the table. Sometimes I use two to dry my hands because I want my hands really dry. Sometimes I tear off two just because I like the heft of two paper towels compared to one. Single paper towels never lie flat on a table very well.

Good thing #2
I am really good at procrastinating. It might be the thing I do best. I'm so good at it, I'll find a way to do it while I'm consciously trying not to. And I realize the key to completing things in a timely manner is simply good planning, which would be really easy with the beautifully minimalist Muji day planner I bought 3 months ago, but it's so nice and minimalist that it would be a pity to scribble in it until I figure out exactly what I want to plan.

Bad thing #1
I am really bad at doing things that I am good at. Basketball, for instance. I'm not the best, but I grew up playing a lot of basketball, and it's one of the few things I could say I have an aptitude for. But when I want to exercise, I don't go find a basketball game — I drop a week's pay on a new road bike. Or climbing gear. Or a wet suit. All of which are sitting in a garage, a closet and a cardboard box, respectively. My P90X DVDs are in near mint condition. I should try to sell them, put the money towards the surf board I'm saving up for.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

it's gonna be a long line on Tuesday...

Great resource to learn the candidates' positions:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

toot toot

The Typophile Film Festival opening credits, our senior class project, won a silver cube at the Art Directors Club awards, and a silver pencil at the One Show advertising awards. The internet tells me it's getting a lot of attention, which feels great because it took so friggin' long to finish, and it's a nice little ego boost.

Watch it, read it, download it, love it.

Thanks to Cole Nielsen and Brent Barson for all their work entering it into shows.

Monday, May 5, 2008

trying to look good limits my life

Stefan Sagmeister, Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far

Let's not wait till the water runs dry...

Cut Copy last Friday was great and fun, fun and great. I'm pretty excited about the concerts this summer. I've got my must-sees figured out, but here's the list of those that haven't made the cut yet, because (a) I can't afford them (b) I would go see them purely for sentimental reasons and can't justify the cost, or (c) I secretly listen to them in the car by myself, and no one will come with me. Go ahead and speculate which band goes with which excuse.

Blind Melon//May 12
Del the Funky Homosapien//May 23
Death Cab//May 26
George Clinton and the Parliment Funkadelic//June 1
Erykah Badu//June 3
Kanye West, Rihanna//June 9
Stone Temple Pilots//June 11
RZA//June 15
Naughty By Nature//June 21
311, Snoop Dogg//June 30
Journey//July 19
The Police//July 19
Flogging Molly//July 19
Steve Miller Band//July 30
James Taylor//July 4
Jack Johnson (yeah Bardhi, I said it), Rogue Wave//August 18
Boyz II Men//August 28

By the way, anyone heard who might come to the Gallivan Center Twilight Series, the free Thursday night shows?

Monday, April 21, 2008

(fairly typical) conversation with Grandpa Don

Don: Hey Chris...can I ask you to do me a favor?
Chris: Yeah Grandpa, what's that?
Don: Well...I have a role for you in my play...I think you'd be perfect.
Chris: Sure, I'll be in the play.
Don: There's just one thing though: there's a kissing scene. You'll have to kiss your cousin.
Chris: No Grandpa, I'm not going to kiss my cousin.
Don: It's not a big kissing scene! Just a peck. C'mon, I need you!
Chris: Who do you want me to kiss?
Don: Your cousin Christina.
Chris: No Grandpa, I'm not going to kiss Christina.
Don: C'mon, it's not like you have to kiss with tongue! Just a quick kiss!
Chris: No Grandpa.
Don: Oh come on! I can't believe you're going to wuss out on me...I'm mad at you...
Grandma Shirley: Donald, you're a dirty old man.